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Deal of the Week: Get iPad headsets with mic on the cheap

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If you are like me, then you despise the apple earbud headsets. They’re uncomfortable and plasticy. However, for those of you who simply can’t live iconic headsets you no longer have to shell out $30 to get them. There are plenty of retailers online who will give you a much better price than apple, Amazon and OWC for example, and will sometimes even ship them quicker than Apple would. Check out these two links for examples of half price OEM iPhone/iPad headsets:



Tip of the Day: keep your smart cover away from your Mac/PC!

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Though I’m certain that we all love our smart covers, recently its been discovered that they have one major flaw: they cannot come in contact with a computer! By contact I mean any proximity at all, for as our one of our reader states “The cover had barely even come in contact with the laptop when the hard drive just stopped!” So careful, next time you want to show off you shiny new camera to one of your 1st gen iPad friends make sure to keep that cover as far away from your computer as possible.

Tip of the Day: Search the web from the springboard (homescreen)

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This is a very useful and simple tip that should shave off some time for your daily google searches. If you want to search for something without having to go find you Safari icon, simply swipe (or press the home button two times slowly) to the search screen and start typing what you want to search for. As soon as you do, a little option that says “search the web” will pop up. Press on that and your on your way to a google search!



Off Topic: GarageBand Fun!

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A cool little video by Luqven on YouTube that displays some of the GarageBand app’s functionality.

IFRAME Embed for Youtube

Deal of the Week: Super iPad Game Giveaway

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Maybe you need something for your new, shiny iPad two to do, or maybe you it’s simply time for you to upadte your game library. In any case, here at PadDifferent we want to give you the chance to win 20 of the most acclaimed games in the AppStore to date. Not just one of the twenty, but ALL 20 game for three lucky people. This giveaway will go on until tuesday of next week, and all you have to do to enter is re tweet anything form @Paddifferent, comment on any post, or simply email us you favorite iPad power user tip. Doing all three will give you more chances of winning a bundle.



Review: Compass for iPad

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Seeing as there seems to be a lack of iPad 2 cases out there right now, the other day I decided to shell out and buy a 12South Compass stand for my new iPad. Best decision ever. Though the price of the stand is a little steep at $40, the build quality and functionality of the product more than compensates for that. It’s a stand that was clearly designed by iPad owners and Apple fans, evident from the beautiful implementation of aluminum and minimalistic design.

However, its the little touches here and there that really make this product exceptional. No where is 12South’s attention to detail more prevalent than in protective features of the stand. Recognizing that aluminum  doesn’t play all that nicely with the iPad’s back, 12 South very strategically placed strips of rubber throughout the stand. The round logo at the top is made completely of rubber and protrudes out of the stand, preventing contant between the back of the iPad and the stand. The legs themselves each have a stip of rubber than functions in the same way, with groves built into the bottom in order to accomodate different angles of use for the iPad. The hight of the stand is adjustable via a smaller leg that comes out of the center piece, placing the stand at almost a 40 degree angle to the desk.

Throughout my month or so of use, the stand has proven exceptionally useful. Whenever I launch Newsy or The WSJ it makes the experience feel far more streamlined, allowing me to view/read the news hand free or as I type on my desktop. It’s also a great accessory for watching movies and even connecting my iPad 2 to my stereo. Personally, the biggest advantage I’ve found to a stand like this is one is how well it protects the aluminum back of my iPad. Previously I always had to worry about turning my smart cover over to protect the iPad every time I set it on my desk. It’s one of those small things that ends up saving you a boat load of time.

All in all the 12South Compass is a great stand, and though it might be a bit pricer that what you are used to it’s clever, protective design and long lasting build quality make it a no brainer in comparison to what is currently out there in the market.



PadDifferent Rating: 5/5


Writing Up Again

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We will be beginning to write more and giving more reviews. An iPad 2 summary will be up soon.

Deal Of The Week: World of Goo 50% Off

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The folks over at 2DBoy have decided to cut the price of their much loved app “World of Goo” by half. The game was a hit on the mac and the iPad port is absolutely spectacular. Be sure to go pick up a copy iTunes Link

Tip Of The Day: send you pictures to the internet instantly from iPad

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Eye-Fi just announced the availability of their new Digital camera chip that allows users to send pictures directly from their cameras to the internet through their iPhones and iPads. The Eye-Fi Geo X2 chip, sold exclusively through apple retail and online, hold up to 8 gigabytes of pictures and requires a companion app to be running on the iDevice. There are 3 different versions of the chip (lowest available memory is 4 gigs), however all retain the iDevice uploading feature. Thanks to the fact that data plans are no longer unlimited you might feel compelled to wait until your connected to wifi to upload your pictures, fortunately enough the new chip keeps the wifi uploading capabilities.  The chips start at $50 and go up to $120 ($90 if you buy it on amazon).

Tip Of The Day: double clicking the home button

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You would be surprised to hear how many people ask me this question: “How do see that cool little menu that shows me all of launched apps?”. I’ve been asked so many times that I think it’s time I did a post about it. All of you experienced users out there probably already know this, so just skip on over to the videos page if you want to see some interesting stuff, because it’s about to get basic.

So, for all you new iPad owners here is how to get to the backgrounded (currently running) apps menu:

1: Slide to unlock you iPad

2: Once unlocked double press the home button (the on button on the device)

3: Swipe left to get to useful preference shortcuts and iTunes controls

4: Swipe right to flip through currently running applications

You can do this in either landscape of portrait mode.

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